We believe eating a balanced diet of whole foods, lots of veggies, quality protein, and chocolate...yes sometimes chocolate...can enliven your well-being by nourishing every cell in your body and enhancing your sex life!

Incorporating the right foods into your diet supports heart health, hormonal health, cognitive function, stress reduction, disease prevention, healthy digestion and increased sex drive.

Seriously...harder penises and plumper juicier vaginas are just a beet smoothie away!

Indulge in some of our most popular nutrition videos on YouTube to begin exploring how what you eat can enrich your everyday (sex) life

Choco-Cashew Sex Bombs

Fat bombs are not only a great caffeine substitute for an extra boost of energy, they are also nourishing, hormone balancing, crush sugar cravings and are delicious and satiating. We have also added one of our favourite herbs for an extra libido booster. Watch the full video for the recipe!

Try This Super-Food For Stronger Erections And Orgasms!

What if you could add delicious foods into your routine that enhance erection potency and orgasmic potential? We believe that consuming these foods on a regular basis can improve overall sexual function. Watch this video to learn more!

Eat Yourself Sexy

In this video we discuss three diet hacks that will leave you glowing and replenished from the inside out. Watch this video to learn more!


Courses: Coming Soon!

Courses to expand the tools and information you need to start eating yourself happier and sexier!

Coming Soon:

Eat Squat Cum

Using healthy food, mindful movement and pleasure to step into your sexual power. ESC Master Class. Coming 2020


Resident Nutritionist

Read about Sarah Bellwood and why she is our ESC rockstar nutritionist

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