We believe connecting to your sexuality through self-pleasure, mindfulness and body-based exercises you can cultivate the joy, love and satisfaction you truly want in your life.

Our sexuality is one of the most natural pieces of being human that has been shunned by society. Re-awakening your erotic nature through regular sexual practices can increase access to orgasm, desire, arousal, lubrication, self-love, confidence, energy, vitality and mood, while reducing painful sex, vaginal numbness and erectile and ejaculatory difficulty.

It can also heal trauma and mitigate feelings of shame around sex and sexuality.

Check out some of our most popular sexual wellness videos on YouTube to learn how exploring your sexual pleasure can enrich your everyday (sex) life

Sexy Blockers: Four Things that Sabotage Your Sex Life

Ever want to have more sex but also not feel like having more sex? There are four big libido crushers that most people face on a daily basis. Watch this video to learn more!

Mirror Masturbation for Self-Love and Sexual Confidence

Have you ever looked yourself in the eye while having an orgasm? Being able to look at yourself while you make love to yourself is a profound act of self-love and authentic self-expression. Watch this video to learn more!

How to Have a G-Spot Orgasm

Why are g-spot orgasms more difficult to have? And how can you access and enhance your own g-gasmic potential? Watch this video to learn more!



Courses to develop the tools and education you need to start having body-shaking, neighbours-complaining, multi-orgasmic sex!

Now Available! :

Vagina Warrior

Strengthen your pelvic floor. Reconnect to your erotic feminine. Supercharge your orgasmic capacity! Click here to learn more.

Coming Soon:

Eat Squat Cum

Using healthy food, mindful movement and pleasure to step into your sexual power. ESC Master Class. Coming 2020


Now Available!

The Happy Pelvis
Complete Handbook

The Happy Pelvis Complete Handbook is the pelvic floor education your didn’t (but should have) gotten in sex ed!

Having a happy healthy pelvis plays a critical role in creating a fulfilling sex life. When your pelvis is the right combination of strong and flexible it can lead to increased sensation during sex, more orgasms, more pleasure, as well as less pain and numbness in the genitals.

However, many of us experience pelvis’s that are weak or chronically clenched, which can stand between us and the sex life of our dreams.

This handbook contains information on anatomy of the pelvic floor as well as the two major conditions that block a happy pelvis: pelvic pain and pelvic weakness.

It also details how you can remedy these two conditions using body-based exercises and natural remedies such as genital mapping, genital dearmouring, scar tissue remediation, breath work, yoga, jade egg practices and other simple but powerful tools to get your pelvis smiling hip bone to hip bone!


Resident Sex Coach

read about Kendra Hamilton and why she is our ESC superstar Counsellor and Somatic Sex Educator

course spotlight:

Vagina Warrior

The (Sex)Life-Changing Workout for your Lady-Bits

Do you want to expand pleasure, become multi-orgasmic, and boost your libido all while strengthening your pelvic floor?

If you said “yes, yes and YES!” then check out ESC’s premiere course Vagina Warrior!

Not only will you leave this course feeling sexually magnetic and alive you will also learn the fundamentals of pelvic floor health, yoni health and self-love.

...oh and did we mention the material provided will help you build a sizzling six pack?! Ready to get started? Click below!

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